Sunday, January 20, 2013


January 20, 2013.  This marks the three-month point on the countdown to The Ultimate Cliff.  Woohoo! :-D

On a related point, what is the newly-inaugurated head of state going to do about legalizing cannabis for all American adults?  Question: given our head of state's racially-diverse cosmetic makeup, how can he continue to just sit by silently while the openly and unapologetically racist drug war continues unabated?  Where's Yeezy?  Shouldn't he be calling out the head of state on this crucial matter on behalf of all his niggas?  (SPIRITED WARRIOR SOUL: "This is what happens, Barry, when you fuck your own constituency in the ass!" smash smash smash)

A brief recap of the no-brainer items for avoiding the 4/20 Ultimatum set by yours truly:

(1) Legalization on Lockean-Jeffersonian-Paineist grounds (necessarily coupled with a comprehensive program to responsibly inform people on the benefits and risks of cannabinoid intake), or an 'Occupy 4/20' deal involving mass public possession or consumption of cannabis in nonviolent protest of prohibitionist insanity.

(2) A good-faith move toward a process of accountability for CIA acts of torture, sodomy and killing of detainees.  Many of these activities are so beyond the pale of human decency, so disgusting, that they'd make Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson puke their fucking guts out if they knew it was done under the auspices of the stars and stripes; no question about it.

[At the end of his article linked above discussing the killing of CIA detainees, Greenwald mentions that the night before, Clint Eastwood had a spectacular stream-of-consciousness episode at the Republic National Convention.  Guess which story the mainstream cable-news media devoted shit-tons of time to covering in the following day(s), and which story they made every effort to sweep under the rug.  Mother. FUCKERS.]

(3) Marriage equality.

(Speaking of which, why did it take the head of state more than two years after the appearance of Olson's un-rebutted Newsweek article for him to "evolve" toward common sense on the issue?  What's the hold-up?  Quit stalling, motherfucker!  Olson's case is the reason the anti-equality side has been ground into the dirt in the courts, venues in which solid argument and evidence - as opposed to Santorumesque idiocy - are the decisive factors.  I'd venture to guess that support for marriage equality among philosophers is somewhere north of 99%.)

(4) A good-faith move by our elected national leaders toward facilitating a mideast peace process in the spirit of Taba.  There's no fucking reason why mideast carpet-pissers should continue to run the show they way they've been doing.

(5) A good-faith move by elected leaders to work toward implementing an age-appropriate philosophically-grounded education for students K-12 in the nation's schools.  Jefferson, Franklin, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, and others (even today's educators themselves, I should think!) would be on board with that idea, so don't fuck the memories of these great people in the ass, elected leaders!

(6) A good-faith effort by our elected leaders to move toward outlawing grotesquely inhumane factory-farming processes.  At the very least they could stop using taxpayer dollars to subsidize it, for crying out fucking loud.

(7) Full and explicit repudiation by political and corporate (Dow 30 if not S&P 500) leaders of the all-too-familiar demoralizing and cynical culture of corporatism and cronyism stinking up the place in this country.  (BTW, "crony capitalism" is a term Ayn Rand wouldn't tolerate for a fucking second, for (EPISTEMOLOGICAL) reasons that everyone should know by now: anti-concept, frozen abstraction, package-dealing, concept-stealing, context-dropping, the art of smearing, anti-euphemism, you name it.  It's all there in the Lexicon.)

(8) Good faith effort by the national elected leaders and other culturally-significant standard-bearers to integrate leading minds such as Noam Chomsky into the mainstream national discourse.  Ideally, Chomsky would be offered a prime-time slot on one or more cable news networks, which would enhance most amazingly the intellectual credibility of their opinion programming, and even enhance their own bottom lines.  There's nothing for them or anyone to fear from an honest exchange of ideas - nothing.  Private capitalist ownership is too popular in this nation for Chomsky to pose any remotely plausible threat to that.  But he may well pose a threat to the perverse status quo that empowers, enriches and rewards the power-elites who engage in shitty, unaccountable behavior that victimizes and marginalizes people at home and around the world and needlessly tarnishes America's image and moral credibility.

(9) Serious effort underway to bring full fairness and accountability to the exchange of ideas among the nation's leading ideas-merchants in a way that is relevant and beneficial to the People, who depend on them as specialists to do their fucking job for the benefit of society (which is, of course, not limited to teaching dues-paying students).  That most definitely means confronting the Randian challenge to the intellectual status quo; the people would like and deserve to know, in terms that would make Aristotle himself proud, why so many professional intellectuals have snubbed her.  Sgt. Hartmann's line about that head being so sanitary and squared-away that even the Virgin Mary herself would be proud to go in there and take a dump is apropos in its parallels.  (I'm the Sgt. Hartmann of this here show, of course.)

At least these items.  My other Ultimate Cliff demands I'll rescind for the time being but retain the prerogative to bring back, modify, amend, add to, etc (with amply fair warning prior to 4/20 of course).  My prerogative, because none of y'alls fucking owns me, stinky wishful anti-Jeffersonian myths wafting about notwithstanding.

I expect to have fun these next three months; how 'bout all you slimy little maggot-infested scumbags?  Perhaps by then you, too, will pack the gear to serve in my beloved corps.
"Hi folks, welcome to the party. What took you so long?"