Friday, January 25, 2013

Chomsky, Dershowitz, and Taba

In 2005, notable adversaries on the Israel-Palestinian situation, Noam Chomsky and Alan Dershowitz, debated the subject at Harvard. (TRANSCRIPT)  These are perhaps the most formidable opponents from each side on the issue, and once you cut through Dershowitz's abusive "Planet Chomsky" B.S. in the debate, they end up essentially in agreement on one thing: The Taba Summit was a laudable basis for a two-state mideast peace solution.

So . . . if these two adversaries can agree on that, then what the fuck is the holdup?  Huh?  I don't know what's more ridiculous, the stalling here or the stalling on the legalization of bud.  They're both obviously no-brainers.  If you will it, it is no dream; am I wrong?
"Checkmate, asshole."
"Checkmate, Israeli right wing; you're even more of an asshole than me."