Sunday, January 6, 2013

A call to pro-freedom lawyers


The evidence and case for legalizing cannabis (marijuana, ganja, chronic, pot, weed, dank, bud) is at least as overwhelming as the case for marriage equality, which is soon to become the law of the land faster than any of us may even realize.  So what I am seeking is the services of a libertarian attorney in the mold of Thomas Jefferson and Lysander Spooner to bring suit against the United States Department of Justice (or suitable defendant-party) on Ninth Amendment and/or other grounds, to end cannabis prohibition.  (I think that if the DOJ wants to maintain any shred of intellectual and legal credibility, it would decide not to defend cannabis-prohibition laws just as it declined to defend DOMA.)  I don't know all the legal ins and outs and whys and wherefores of how to make this happen most expeditiously, but the basic philosophical case lies right there in the Lockean "live-and-let-live" principle underlying our natural, inalienable individual rights.  The empirical cognitive benefits of cannabis are discussed in Carl Sagan's famous essay written some 40 years ago, and attested to by countless others.  This should be a no-brainer.  I would appreciate any promising, uh, leads in this area; thanks in advance!

EDIT: Obligatory addendum: I want a fucking lawyer, man.  Bill Kunstler orrrr Ron Kuby.