Monday, October 29, 2012

Major bargains

Leonard Peikoff lecture courses at the ARI E-store

These used to be priced in the hundreds of dollars each, now marked down by about 95%, give or take.  If I had to guess why, I think it has to do with the idea of sparking intellectual/cultural revolution more swiftly and sweepingly.

Approximate (rounded up or down) prices for the core Oism curriculum (the most essential, among those I've heard so far, in bold):

The Philosophy of Objectivism (1976) (the Official Course, w/Rand Q&A) - $11 (book: OPAR - $15)
Objective Communication (1980) - $9
Principles of Grammar (1982) - $7
Understanding Objectivism (1983) - $10 (book: $12)
Philosophy of Education (1985) - $6
Objectivism: The State of the Art (1987) - $7
Moral Virtue (ca. 1989) - $4
Advanced OPAR seminars parts 1 and 2 (1990) - $14
The Art of Thinking (1992) - $7
Unity in Epistemology and Ethics (1993) - $4
Objectivism Through Induction (1996) - $11
Induction in Physics and Philosophy (2001) - $7
DIM Hypothesis parts 1 and 2 (ca. 2004) - $11 (book: $15)

Grand total: $108 for around 250 hours of lectures, and by the time you're done you have a good chance of actually "getting" the ideas! :-)  Or perhaps being destroyed for life. ;-)

These lecture courses should be coupled with the books listed here as part of any serious, scholarly, comprehensive research program on Objectivism.  Any future works/books covering Objectivism that aren't based on this research probably should not be taken seriously.  The Rand-haters have a lot of catching up to do, with no serious excuses any longer for failing to do so, and when all is said and done, their hate-projects will probably never materialize in any credible form.

Hell, with the prices of these courses now this low, with students of Objectivism that much more inexpensively fortified on college campuses in the years to come - and, let's not forget, let's NOT forget, this fact in conjunction with future widespread responsible (think Aristotelian Mean here) usage of cheap and abundant legalized weed to make cognitive integration that much more fun - I think it's pretty much Game Over.  Aristotelian-tradition philosophy will survive the onslaught (see, e.g.,  the cases of Gotthelf, Miller, Lennox, the Dougs), while the other traditions will have to adapt and embrace that tradition dialectically or die off.  As attrition chips away at the Old Guard, eudaimonism will almost surely triumph in ethics, if not thoroughly fuck up the alternative theories.  (Insert modified Lebowski reference here: "You see what happens?  Do you see what happens, armchair socialists, when you fail in your educational mission!")  It's only a matter of time.  Second Renaissance, baby!

Hey, just trying to be as way-ahead-of-the-curve dead-on right as I can for my advanced-content-assimilation-technology-aided year-2100 readership here.  (Hi there, fellas! :-p )