Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Lexicon of every philosopher?

In the essentialized comprehensiveness department, couldn't we streamline a lot of shit by creating a lexicon of every philosopher in the vein of the Ayn Rand one?  I'd fucking love an Immanuel Kant Lexicon that saves me and everyone else with precious little time on their hands the tedium of reading the Critique and to be able to go straight to whatever he said about this or that topic.  It would be an awesome corrective to all the intellectually-lazy strawmen that float around out there, too. Why the hell hasn't this been done yet?  If there's one thing the Randians know how to do, it's how to market ideas all capitalistic-like.  Isn't there some germ of truth in this example for philosophers of the world to follow (at least the marketing part if not the capitalism part)?  This can mean only one thing in this philosophers' case: The Ultimate Philosophy Lexicon.  Fuck yeah.  It has to be perfected first....

In the Name of the Best Premises Within Us,