Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The scummy Left

Political partisanship, ain't it corrosive to the soul? :-(

Yesterday, 'Good Guy Glenn' Greenwald highlighted glaring "progressive" hypocrisy with respect to the head of state's executive powers.  One need only integrate those observations with those I've made regarding the political Left's absolutely terrible track record at mounting anything remotely resembling an intellectually credible case against their chief ideological nemesis - instead of resorting to politically-motivated, malicious, or cheap misrepresentations, distortions, and outright smears, that is - in order for an observer to identify a common, corrosive element or pattern.  (Need I point out the common link between the term "integrate" and the term "integrity," as in wholeness, or completeness, or (ahem) perfection)?

That's the basic point of this posting.  Some supplementary stuff probably quite familiar by now to regular readers of this blog:

How is it that Good Guy Glenn - an independent columnist and litigator - is all up in arms about the screaming hypocrisy of the "progressives," while we just don't seem to hear much of an outcry from (supposedly? potentially?) the most intellectually-potent faction of them all out there - the professional educators?  I don't mean scattered voices of ho-hum protest here and there, I'm talking widespread, concerted, robust, impassioned screams of protest (assuming they're not too busy whining about the injustices of capitalism, that is).  Where are they?  What would Jefferson think about all this?

How is it that "progressives" could be so regressive?  Is all their talk of right-wing neanderthals little more than psychological projection, a well-known defense mechanism (the sort of thing of which these smug little shits accuse those very right-wingers)?

(Is it any mistake that Yours Truly, just the other day, pointed to ("right-winger") Glenn Beck as perhaps the most intellectually-challenging figure in today's political mass media?  At least GB extols the virtues of intellectual curiosity and of emulating the country's Framers (notably Adams, Franklin, Hamilton, Jefferson, Madison, Paine, Washington) as a way out of the current cluster-fuck.  Seems to me that if everyone adopted a mentality and attitude in this general vicinity (without all having to agree with GB in particular about everything), this country would shape up in no time.  What does MSNBC offer by comparison?  Hell, is there any effective left-wing counterpart even to columnist Charles Krauthammer these days?  Sure, the Right is still suffering from the disease that has manifested in such symptoms as the Bush presidency and the Palin VP nod (and birtherism and science-denigrating and . . .), but if Paul Krugman (an economist) is the best they can come up with as a mass-media voice, they're done for as well.  Intellectual credibility just doesn't appear to be a highly-valued currency in politics these days.)

Political partisanship, ain't it corrosive to the soul? :-(

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