Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Various things to integrate:

(1) On the provisional playlist: Bob Marley, Songs of Freedom; Boogie Down Productions, Edutainment; Leonard Peikoff, Philosophy of Education

(2) Some of the nation's founders were indeed Christians, but the fact of fundamental importance is that they were men of the mind.  Whence America's greatness?  The mind.  The intellect.  Reason. Learning, knowledge, science, philosophy.  Glenn Beck echoes Jefferson: "Question with boldness even the very existence of God."  Integrate with the theme of Atlas Shrugged.  Contrast that with various and sundry loudmouth right-wing "Christian" dingbats who have defaulted on the issue of mind, intellect, learning, philosophy.  Contrast also with shortcomings of the left, such as the amazing failure of leftist loudmouths to grasp Rand and her theme(s).

(3) Question for the day: What Would Carl Sagan Do?

Ain't integration fun? :-)

You can't refute perfectivism. :-)