Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Legalize It

UPDATE below

A Compelling Argument - one among many

A recommended link - I think you might be amazed by what transpires there in the possibly near future.  Hard to predict these kinds of things, though.

UPDATE: Some additional links: (1) Sagan (2) semantic priming

Possible motto: "If you're old enough (18) to serve and die for your country, you should be able to grow weed or buy it in a store."  That simple.

Vote for candidates who endorse legalization or against candidates who oppose it.  Get organized to sway the election if need be.  Exploit the potential of mass internet social media not under corporate content-control, to win with the power of ideas over million-dollar campaign contributions.  (I'm working on this latter part as we speak.  Plus this is just the beginning of popular reforms we desperately need to see in this country and worldwide.  Chief on the agenda are philosophical education, ecosystem preservation, mass cognitive creativity, and love.  "In the name of the best within us...")

Stay tuned for more . . .