Tuesday, July 17, 2012

An exercise for the reader

Dialectic, ain't it fun?

Two statements from previous blog entries with an apparent logical tension between them:

(1) "Anyway, in a well-educated educated citizenry, this $46 trillion would not go almost entirely ignored while nearly everyone can tell you Ryan Seacrest is (but few could tell you who Immanuel Kant is, much less who Rawls, Nozick, or Chomsky are)." (May 7 2012)

(2) "In the tomes of Immanuel Kant, what do we have besides an elaborately worked-out system of interrelated ideas represented by words, words, words, without a clear tie to our concrete and everyday concerns? (Put the question the following way: what benefit would the layperson have in reading, or trying to read, the Critique of Pure Reason?)" (May 18 2012)

Exercise: reconcile these statements.