Friday, April 8, 2011

Perfecting the Art of Thinking

Nicely done, self. Keep it up! :-)

[ADDENDUM: Focus!]

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  1. You wrote @ Juan Coles blog...
    "This is naked intellectual thuggery/hooliganism – in this instance, an outright focus on inessentials. The last “lol” part was the dead giveaway that a cognitively-stunted youtubized mind is ejaculating random stuff, unable or unwilling to grasp and think in essentials. What a waste of cognitive resources!

    Easy with the adjectives there buddy
    The essential here, of course, is the American *ideals* of reason, individualism, rights, and capitalism"...

    No actual the essential is, are were these ideals being put into practice.Apparently not,i,e not all men are created equal e.g the Indigenous Peoples//Nations.Hey I am all for debate and words,but in my world actions always speak loudest.
    Dirk Buchholz @