Saturday, October 16, 2010

Jackass Leiter, Cont'd (Part 26)

You wanna know how the Academy fries the brains/minds of students? When they're taught by the likes of the Prestigious Jackass:

This is unbelievable. These Tea Party bozos (that's a nice word for them) who may get elected make George W. Bush look like a paragon of intellectual sobriety and moral acuity. That the response of large segments of the brain-dead electorate to the current crises of capitalism and American empire is to turn to crazies to the right of Bush is the clearest sign that all hope is lost in this increasingly dysfunctional country.

Whenever you get someone talking about how "all hope is lost" with a country such as ours, it is best to simply dump them into the intellectual wastebasket as useless and hopeless themselves. How is it that with all the Great Minds in Academia, they can't get a handle on the American People and brainwash them like they do fellow Academics? Why do they whine and complain so? Why so impotent to influence the minds of The People in the direction of whatever batshit-crazy capitalism-destroying scheme the Leiters of the world concoct? Why all the elitism and condescension? Why all the cynicism and pessimism and defeatism? (Defeatism is a psychological confession of weakness; pretty ironic for a Nietzsche devotee, eh?)

There's also a distinct anti-Americanism going on here. Elitist fucks like Leiter hate America. They really do. And that only makes sense: when Ayn Rand symbolizes all that is great about America, and when dipshits like Leiter blindly and irrationally hate her, it follows quite logically that they have a deep-seated hatred of America, A being A and whatnot.

Meanwhile, Ayn Rand has the truth on her side, and when you've got truth on your side, it's not too difficult to sway people eventually. Try as the Academic Fucks might to import the failed European intellectual models into America, it's simply not gonna happen. Not if I have anything to say about it. America is gonna be just fine, no thanks to cynical dipshits like the Distinguished Professor. Nothing is fucked here, folks, nothing is fucked, they're just a bunch of fucking amateurs! Their inescapable choice in the coming years is to get their act together and jump on the team for the big win, or to be steamrolled under by the Aristotelian-Jeffersonian-Randian juggernaut. Either/Or.

One thing that will happen - the immutable laws of economics dictate it - is that Academia as we know it will be crushed asunder. The "great unwashed" are fed up by the likes of the Jackass who simply refuse to engage pro-America, pro-individualist ideas in a fair and honest fashion. It's outright fucking bigotry - and therefore projection - for these elites to ignorantly and arrogantly bash Rand, America, and ordinary Americans who more or less foot the bill for these hateful elites. Good riddance!

[ADDENDUM: It cannot pass in silence that Leither plays a typical smear-game by associating right-wing blogger Pamela Geller with Ayn Rand. Can we name all the brainless idiots and bigots who are devotees of the ideas of Karl Marx? Let's start with Brian Leiter, why don't we. If Leiter had an ounce of intellectual courage, he'd name the best representatives of Randianism inside and outside of academia and then proceed to bash away or cower as he chooses. It so happens that not just Pamela Gellar is "devoted" to Ayn Rand; I, the Ultimate Philosopher and Singularity-starter, am also "devoted" to Ayn Rand. And I'd fucking kick Leiter's ass in a head-on debate about Rand. :-) ]

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