Friday, August 20, 2010

Cowards Coalescing

The Rand-Evading Distinguished Professor links to a roundtable in which he is a participant, in the pages of the torture-enabling New York Times. From the REDP's contribution:

[P]hilosophy, like other humanities fields, is under attack at many institutions of higher education. This attack has other causes. The current crisis of capitalism has increased anxiety about the short-term “market value” of all courses of study.


So let's see if I understand this correctly: in the pages of the New York Times, torture is now politely euphemized (at the request of the very lawless thugs doing the torturing) as "enhanced interrogation," while the current economic situation is not-so-politely euphemized by neo-Marxist twits as "a crisis of capitalism."

Nice, huh?

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  1. Chris,

    What is your argument against torture? Do you see it as intrinsically wrong? Why wouldn't it be open to contextual moral evaluation just the way killing is?